Turnstiles Entry/Exit doors and Mantraps

Turnstiles and gates provide high security as it allows only a single person at a time to gain access inside an area which dramatically increases your security. The security revolving doors, swing gates and rotating gates are custom built to integrate with any architectural decor.

There are several types of turnstiles available in today’s security marketplace. Physical barrier areas, glass barriers, full height units and optical turnstiles are all available in a large variety of colors and designs and finishes. Used to control normal workplace pedestrian traffic and visitor traffic, turnstiles are the only way to truly manage pedestrian traffic into your facility.


Barrier gates provide rugged, high security entrance and exit control necessary for industrial and parking applications. From light use to continuous operating duty cycles, barrier gates are designed to function with various configurations.


We offer several different models of security revolving doors. Each door is designed to fit the aesthetic design and safety needs of an entrance way. The doors come equipped with many standard features. Additional features can be added to fit your needs. Intelligent revolving doors provide the ability to “sense” when more than one person tries to gain access to an area. The doors have the ability to travel in reverse mode and speak to the occupant in English language.


New York License # 12000284041, New Jersey Burglar Alarm License # 34BX00010400

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