SWI has on-call technicians available for emergency service 24/7. After hours calls are routed through our service management team to assure all calls are handled properly.  SWI Management personnel assigned to handle the after-hours support monitor technician response time and the status of each call from start to finish. All technicians have the ability to perform remote diagnostics whereby we can remotely connect to the client’s system to troubleshoot system malfunctions and perform remote corrective actions if appropriate. If remote connectivity cannot resolve the situation, a qualified technician  is  immediately  dispatched  to  the  facility  to  perform  on  site repairs. Providing great service is the key. Many companies speak about providing great service, however very few can actually deliver. Our goal twenty years ago when Service Works was created was to provide an unmatched level of service in our industry.

Our technicians are a special breed. They are highly qualified and extremely well paid for the knowledge they possess and continue to develop.   At SWI, we pay our technical staff for results. Our pay scale is not determined by years of service, but by qualifications of the individual. The more you know, the more you can earn. SWI technicians earn more than the technicians of all of our competitors, but that is simply because they are more highly qualified.

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The ongoing service & maintenance procedures currently in place, which are handled through our Electronic Service Control System, assign and track all services calls generated within our facility.   All service calls are issued a service tracking number to follow the call from start to finish.  The system is powerful and specifically designed for service company record keeping.   In addition to service call tracking, the system includes modules for all aspects of our business, including a complete accounting package. Report generation is available in all modules, with hundreds of standard and custom reporting features available to our end users. 

Service is paramount within our organization. We have taken several measures to fine tune our service capability during normal working hours and for emergency callout service.  All technicians are equipped with cell phones capable of text messaging and e-mail to facilitate dispatching. GPS tracking systems enable us to monitor all vehicles within our fleet.

We own and maintain our own Genie industrial lift equipment which provides us with the ability to service cameras up to 40’ high off the ground. This means we do not have to rent any lift equipment when you call us for service. All technicians also are lift certified and OSHA certified to assure proper safety procedures at all times while on your site. OSHA meetings are held monthly as a segment of our regular technical staff meetings.