System integration brings all security technologies together into one package.By integrating these systems together, on site security individuals can quickly determine who does and does not belong within your building. If you are programmed to have access into an area, the computer based system will let you in/out and monitor your activity. However if you present an invalid card to try to gain entry, the system immediately goes into alarm, the corresponding video camera can swing to the protected point at 400 degrees a second, and the individual’s picture can be immediately displayed on a large display monitor for close inspection.

Systems are now designed and engineered to make the security officer’s job a much easier task since most system functions are automatic and require no operator intervention. The idea is to keep the security person’s job function an easy one to manage, and not require a computer scientist degree to operate these systems.


Custom Solutions

One customer at a time. How many companies in this business take the time to custom paint camera enclosures to match the decor of the area they are being installed into. At SWI, we have been doing just that for years. It’s all about going the extra mile for the client and delivering a product that is exactly what the client requested, both in color and in performance.

We have been painting video enclosures, building custom consoles and redesigning security command centers for many years. Although the technology may change over the years, you still want everything to be perfect. That’s our trademark!