SWI installs one of the world’s most sophisticated security perimeter monitoring and control systems, capable of total facility security management. It is approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for installation in military bases worldwide, and is also used globally in nuclear facilities, railroad yards, industrial facilities and correctional institutions.

It’s a computer based product which has the capability to automatically adjust to a variety of weather conditions:

• It can be installed on any fencing media, including chain link, welded mesh, barbed and razor ribbon wire, wrought iron fencing – and even concrete walls.

• It can integrate other devices such as CCTV cameras into one system, centrally controlled from a single PC.

• Weather compensation and sensitivity settings can be fine-tuned by zone to minimize false alarms.

• It’s easy to use – operates with Windows software and includes on-screen video of alarm zones.

The sensor is a weather sealed, UV resistant, high impact injection molded assembly permanently attached to the sensor cable at regular intervals. The sensor can be mounted in any position and will respond to vibration in any axis.

The programming of the sensor zones to video presets takes literally minutes instead of the hours normally associated with programming these types of systems.