How much control is the correct amount?

Controlling employees into specific areas, visitor traffic, temporary employees or who enters high value storage areas are all functions of access control. The levels are determined by you to accommodate your business needs.


How secure and safe are we?
Most requests to secure buildings, airports, commercial, Industrial workplaces fall into these categories:


Employee and Visitor Badging

Systems identify all individuals located within your facility. Personal ID badges with the individuals photograph clearly displayed can quickly verify you belong inside the protected area. Photographs are now stored within the computer database of the access system and can be programmed to instantly appear on the computer monitor screen when the card reader is activated.


Access Control Devices

Card readers, biometric type devices, or turnstiles prevent non-authorized individuals from freely entering your workplace unchecked and unnoticed. While these high tech devices will verify you belong inside a protected area, if they control the opening of a single door you can run the risk of multiple individuals entering at once and thereby defeating the system. In high security applicators, turnstiles are deployed in conjunction with card access to limit access by single cardholders only.